S&W 66-8 Problems: Ways To Resolve It & Troubleshooting Guide

The s&w 66-8 has had some reported problems. This article will discuss the issues with this firearm in detail.

The s&w 66-8 is a popular revolver among gun enthusiasts. However, it has been known to experience some problems that may hinder its performance. One recurring issue with this firearm is a potential misalignment of the cylinder. This can result in difficulties with the cylinder rotation and may lead to misfires or jams.

Another problem reported by users is the potential for the trigger to feel gritty or rough, affecting smoothness and accuracy. Additionally, some users have noted an inconsistent trigger pull weight, which can make it challenging to predict the trigger’s break point. These issues can impact the overall reliability and shooting experience with the s&w 66-8. Understanding the potential problems will help users make an informed decision when considering this revolver.

Common Issues With The S&W 66-8 Revolver

The s&w 66-8 revolver may encounter a couple of common issues. One problem that users may experience is cylinder jamming. This can happen due to dirt or debris getting lodged in the cylinder. Another issue that may occur is misfires, which could be attributed to faulty ammunition or a worn-out firing pin.

Additionally, inaccurate shooting can be a problem with the s&w 66-8 revolver. This could be caused by various factors such as a loose barrel or an improper sight alignment. It is important to regularly clean and maintain the revolver to minimize these problems and ensure optimal performance.

By addressing these issues promptly and taking proper care of the firearm, users can enjoy a reliable and accurate shooting experience with the s&w 66-8 revolver.

Troubleshooting Cylinder Jamming

Troubleshooting cylinder jamming on the s&w 66-8 revolver requires careful inspection of the cylinder. Inspect the cylinder for any damage or debris that might be causing the jamming issue. Clean and lubricate the entire cylinder assembly to ensure smooth operation.

Pay special attention to the extractor rod and spring, as any issues with these components can contribute to cylinder jamming. Finally, verify that the cylinder is properly aligned to avoid any misfires or malfunctions. By following these steps, you can address and resolve problems with cylinder jamming on the s&w 66-8 revolver.

Diagnosing Misfires

Diagnosing misfires on your s&w 66-8 requires careful inspection of various components. Start by checking the firing pin for any signs of damage or wear. Inspect the hammer and trigger mechanism to ensure they are functioning properly. Proper ammunition selection is crucial, so evaluate if you are using compatible rounds.

Lastly, assess the cylinder alignment and timing to rule out any issues that may be causing misfires. Remember to conduct a thorough examination of each aspect to identify and resolve any problems with your s&w 66-8.

Solutions For Inaccurate Shooting

Problems with the s&w 66-8 can lead to inaccurate shooting. To find some solutions, it’s essential to verify sight alignment and sight picture. Additionally, evaluating barrel quality and crown condition can greatly impact accuracy. Furthermore, the grip and recoil control should be checked to ensure better shooting performance.

Lastly, testing different ammunition loads will help determine the most precise option. Following these steps can help address the problems and improve shooting accuracy with the s&w 66-8.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips For S&W 66-8 Revolver

Inspecting and replacing the cylinder stop is essential for troubleshooting problems with the s&w 66-8 revolver. Without a properly functioning cylinder stop, the revolver may have difficulties rotating the cylinder smoothly. Another common issue to address is troubleshooting the ejector rod, which is responsible for expelling spent cartridges from the cylinder.

Understanding the crane and yoke assembly is crucial as these components connect the cylinder to the frame, and any misalignment can cause functionality issues. Additionally, hand spring tension should be checked and adjusted if necessary, as improper tension can impact the revolver’s performance.

By carefully inspecting and addressing these key areas, you can effectively troubleshoot problems with the s&w 66-8 revolver.

Recommendations For Preventative Maintenance

Regular cleaning and lubrication are essential for preventing problems with the s&w 66-8. Inspecting its internal components at regular intervals ensures optimal performance. Additionally, proper storage and handling play a crucial role in maintaining the firearm’s longevity. It is highly recommended to consult with professional gunsmiths for any specific maintenance concerns.

Following these guidelines will help you keep your s&w 66-8 in top shape and reduce the risk of malfunctions or other issues. By taking proactive measures, you can enjoy a reliable and safe shooting experience every time. Remember to prioritize preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity and performance of your s&w 66-8.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Common Problems With The S&W 66-8?

Common problems with the s&w 66-8 include cylinder binding, misalignment, and light primer strikes. These issues can affect accuracy and reliability, but they are usually fixable with proper maintenance and gunsmithing.

How Can I Prevent Cylinder Binding In The S&W 66-8?

To prevent cylinder binding in the s&w 66-8, make sure to clean and lubricate the revolver regularly. Avoid excessive fouling and buildup by using quality ammunition, and ensure that the cylinder rotates smoothly without any obstructions.

Why Is Alignment Important In The S&W 66-8 Revolver?

Alignment is important in the s&w 66-8 revolver as it ensures that the bullet is properly centered and aligned with the barrel. Proper alignment is crucial for accurate shooting and can help prevent key issues such as bullet dispersion and loss of velocity.


To sum up, the s&w 66-8 revolver has its fair share of problems that potential buyers should be aware of. While it is a reliable and accurate firearm, the issues with the cylinder rotation, trigger pull, and the overall finish may deter some users.

It is important to carefully inspect and test the revolver before purchasing to ensure that these issues are not present. However, once these problems are addressed and resolved, the s&w 66-8 can be a highly effective and enjoyable firearm to own.

Whether you are a collector, a seasoned shooter, or a beginner looking for a reliable revolver, the s&w 66-8 is worth considering. Just make sure to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and consult with professionals before making a final decision.

Happy shooting!

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